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Quick Youburger


In a context of high competition between fastfood brands, theses breands needs to differenciate with innovation and creativity to hightlight their products and competitive advantage. The Youburger project support the launch of a customizable burger. 


Execute something unique : captation, transformation and diffusion of a video in a minimum of time.

Our added value

Adfab was already working on IT projects for Quick. With this project Adfab has pushed the technical limits by developing a unique gamification tool with realtime captation and diffusion of video. To respond to the specifications of this project, ADFAB used some of its own innovatives products (developed by ADFAB Lab) : a powerforful gaming search engine (Playground). With the combinaison of this search engine allows the video generation and the front end expertise especially graphic animation, this project become a technical succes.

Made With

LessMySQLPHPVarnishZend Framework


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