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Our Process

Our teams rely on their in-depth understanding of the latest programming languages and frameworks for speeding up projects and producing new digital experiences. Do you have an idea, specific requirements or some initial leads? We work together to come up with the best way to enhance and solidify your project proposal and put all our passion and practical experience towards reaching your objectives.

We have produced more than 1,000 digital products since 2006.

  • TPM
  • Bannering
  • Motion & Video


  • E-commerce

  • institutional websites

  • content plateform

  • Websites for events


  • App. crossplateforme

  • BtoB & BtoC

  • iOS & Android

  • Objets connectés


  • Plateform

  • Websites for products

  • Facebook

  • Mobile


  • Bannering

  • Format adaptation

  • Animation

  • Video & motion


Being at the heart of the digital revolution, it is our duty to be on the cutting-edge. Clear the way for new developments test them thoroughly: Get into program cores, conduct tests, pass tests, perform effectively, etc. to bring you practical and well-informed responses. The solutions we provide are specific to each situation because they depend on the size and scope of your projects, timeframes and specific objectives.


The popularity of Node.js is undeniable! It comes from the Google V8 search-engine, the non-blocking and non-buffering event web broadcasting JavaScript model. There are many ways Node can be applied. It’s possible to set-up a server, a web application, native and multi-platform clients, command-line scripts for the terminal, manage databases, do 3D rendering, etc. It has even been used to successfully control robots ! What’s more, thanks to the NPM package-manager community, more than 250,000 open-source libraries are available.


Forget about Angular 1.X. With version 2 of its JavaScript framework, Google wants to make a clean sweep of the past, forcing us create well-written applications using small, reusable and isolated components which can be used everywhere. That is how everything has been - almost - totally redesigned. In order to help us write quality easy-to-maintain applications, Angular 2 is already built on future standards (Web Components, ECMAScript 2015).

Symfony 3

Known for its reliability, regular updates and active community, Symfony is currently the PHP framework most frequently chosen by Adfab. Its flexibility makes it possible to create powerful applications, while ensuring a robust and stable code. Using it provides secure long-term development. Recognized by some of the biggest names on the web (BBC, DailyMotion, 20 Minutes, etc.) and used by well-known CMS systems like Drupal or EzPublish, its reputation, performance and stability no longer need to be demonstrated.

Drupal 8

Already known as one of the top open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) because of its ruggedness and flexibility, Drupal has gone into high gear with its release of Version 8 ! A comprehensive core rewrite to adapt to the latest coding standards : Using Symfony 2 components, integrating Doctrine, Guzzle and Twig (just to name a few), completely RESTful with native HTML 5 support and integration of contributing version 7 modules like Views, etc. So many key elements that ensure that Drupal maintains its position as the open source CMS market leader.

Innovation Lab


An application designed to interact with your specific environment


Insound is based on the latest sound-recognition technology to listen to the environment and interact with each users' mobile equipment. There are many possible applications : event, web-broadcasting or even e-commerce media.

Web-Tech : Back-office and JSON-formatted API written in Zend Framework 2 (ZF2), sound recognition technology developed by Simbals.


The benchmark “barometer” for web technology


Based on the ranking database of Alexa sites, Technotop is the barometer of technologies used by the top 20000 websites in France, with continuous dynamic real-time monitoring. A “simple” development method for a strategic decision-making tool.

Web-Tech: ZF2, Wappalyzer, AngularJS, Bootstrap


A multi-language open-source framework, equipped with a powerful stat-calculating tool


As a powerful gamification and loyalty engine, Playground is already used by some 1 million euro in contracts. With its many potential uses, this platform which was developed by Gregory Besson and used by Adfab has only just begun to amaze us!

Web-Tech: ZF2




In the ever-changing web environment which wants to become even more accessible, Abe makes website creation as simple as child’s play, and above all, a game of speed, most notably due to real-time rendering. It’s the death knell of the preview! Qualitative and scalable rendering with many dynamic potentialities. Produced in Node.js, the platform has only just begun to amaze...

Web-Tech: Node.js

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