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Once a year, the Experience Tour allows anyone interested to try out the different models offered by Harley Davidson. There is also a training class available to those who wish to learn how ride a motorcycle.
The tool developed had to address multiple technical specifications : static content on the front end, two levels of access for the back end - SuperAdmin et dealership, integration of a cron to automatically manage sign ups and password complexity for back end accesses, all in compliance with the required protocols of Harley Davidson (US).


Generating results for a 250 kilometers radius regardless of the area or postal code provided by the user.

With a mobile version different from the desktop version; map and filters are separated, requiring the management of two different modules (list and map) sharing the same event emitter. Avec une version mobile différente de la version desktop - les filtres et la map sont séparés, il a fallu gérer deux modules différents (un module liste et un module carte) partageant le même "event emitter"

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