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Tremplin Jeunes-Talents (Leroy Merlin)


In order to well position the image of Du Coté de Chez Vous (Leroy Merlin), who defines itself as a talent recruiter, Uzful agency put in place a contest for developers of all expertise. We create the site dedicated for the whole operation, which needed to address many criteria such as presenting the event itself, the jury, the option to submit a project through a dedicated back office, facilitate the voting and sharing process, and full set of functionalities allowing the agency and jury to follow up easily throughout the event.


Input data into a page... before it load !

In order to do so, we used Drupal as the API and inject content on the front end, which is loaded with Vue.js. To face the complications encountered with SEO, we added an extra layer with Express.js. Finally, the back office had to be user friendly and allow any candidate to feed a project with files of all type (videos, pictures, text, etc.)

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